The Gixxer SF is back on road this time with fuel-injection

The Gixxer SF is back on road with a fuel-injection guise and a rear disc brake. Its one of the best 150cc bike you can buy today.


The new version have no changes in its style and looks, with the fuel-injection system, the power and torque figures of 14.8hp and 14Nm are unchanged. the best thing in the new version is the throttle response, the crisper feel epecially at the lower rpms. Also the overall vibrations have been reduced. The bike makes the 0-60kph run in 5.54 sec, with the 100kph mark coming up in 17.5lsec.

The introduction of the Fi system on the Gixxer SF has further refined what was already a rather impressive packge. This comes at a cost at an ex-showroom price of Rs 93,499 (Delhi), the Gixxer SF-Fi is costier than the carburetted model with a rear disc brake by over Rs 6000. but with improved refinement levels and fantastic mileage, that extra cost is certainly worth it if you're someone who puts a fair number of kilometers on you bike each year. 

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